Make Sure to Clean Your Beer Keg Cooler

Cleaning your kegerator is very important. You need to clean your beer keg cooler on a routine basis or you may pour yourself a glass of foam the next time you use it! That is right. When sediment builds up in the beer lines, it can cause a foamy pour. Foam is not fun. Everybody wants that perfect pour. A mug of beer with just the right amount of head really puts a smile on your face. Plus, not only can sediment cause foam, but it can also cause bacteria! Read on to find out a few good beer tasting tips. beer keg Koozie

First you want to buy the right beer lines cleaning kit. You cannot use just any cleaning solution for your beer lines. An abrasive solution could cause scratches on the inside of your lines and this too can cause your beer to foam. Shop around for the best kit, it does not have to be a expensive deluxe cleaning kit, but make sure it is made for beer lines. If it is not made specifically for beer lines, it may not clean out all of the bacteria, yeast, and beer stone.

Clean and sanitize your kegerator’s lines thoroughly. Use the solution and then run the lines with water twice. You do not want any residue left behind. A beer with a chemical taste is no good. So make sure to flush that water through the lines. Do not forget to clean the faucet and the beer tap as well. Just drop them in the bucket with the beer cleaning solution and use the little brush with the kit to clean them real good. Bacteria likes to hide in the smallest places. Flush them out under running water as well.

Actually cleaning the kegerator does take time, but it is worth it for that smooth pour every time. You should clean your keg cooler before and after every party. And of course clean it when you buy a new keg of beer. If you make keg cleaning a part of your routine, then you beer will stay fresher longer. And who doesn’t want their last pour to taste like their first?



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