Create the Perfect Home Sports Bar

One of the most popular themes for your home bar is a sports bar theme. Even if one is not a great sports enthusiast, the fun surrounding a get together for a big sporting event at your own home sports bar is exciting! With the great variety of home bar accessories available, the possibility of a realistic home sports bar is great. How great would it be to have all the atmosphere of a commercial sports bar without leaving home?

Your first decision should involve what type of theme you want for your home sports bar. The size and dimensions of your room will have a significant influence on the sports bar theme you select. Oh, before I go any further, let me suggest strongly that you involve your significant other in the decision about your home bar’s theme. It’s quite possible that the idea of a home sport’s bar could receive a solid “thumb’s down!” It’s always best to keep peace at home.

Many home bar owners will design their theme around their favorite sport’s team, or teams. It’s likely that you already have items that represent the team/teams in your home, which will save you the time and expense of shopping around. If, for example, you’re a football fan, you might want to create a sports bar theme around a local rivalry. Texas vs Texas A&M, for example. You might want to have recordings of past games between the rivals for people to watch on a VCR prior to a big game. best sports bar medellin

If, you’re a sports memorabilia collector, having a case in your home sports bar displaying items relative to your bar’s theme can be fun, too! If you are a baseball fan, having one of those old fashion popcorn poppers can create a great atmosphere, (and smell, too!)You could even distribute the popcorn in a similar fashion to the vendors at the stadium. You could also have fresh peanuts and place them in bags, similar to the fresh peanuts at the ball park.

Generally, a big screen T.V. is going to be the focal point of your home sports bar. Appropriate seating should strategically be placed around that T.V. You might want to hang a smaller t.v./monitor above the bar for a “back-up. “A sound system should be in place to play all of your favorite sport’s related songs and music.

A home sports bar can serve two very cool purposes. First, you can enjoy the atmosphere of your favorite sport’s arena without leaving your house. and secondly, it’s fun and impressive to your friends when you entertain. So have fun with the process of creating your own home sports bar, and let your imagination be your guide!



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